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Andrew Bray is available for both Reiki and Energy Awaken sessions.

Andrew is intuitive, a certified Coach and verbally channels loving energy called "The Attendant" in workshops and private channeling sessions. He brings all of this to Energy Awaken sessions at Essence of Nature Spa. Please discuss your goals of your session with Andrew.

Energy Awaken sessions are energy sessions as are Reiki sessions, but they are quite different. Reiki is more of a soft feminine energy and Energy

Awaken is more active. Sensations felt during sessions are typically very different. Reiki often induces a deep relaxation and Energy Awaken can seem more exciting, instead of relaxing. That being said, the energy will flow as required, and clients get what energy is needed. Your intentions play the biggest part. Please discuss the goals of your session with Andrew before (and during) the session.

The intention of an Energy Awaken session is to facilitate a deeper wider grounding of your energy so more energy can flow through you. This is done by activating energy fields organized in patterns of sacred geometry around your body.
Traditional Reiki is silent, where Energy Awaken often involves feedback and intuitive feedback. Messages and homework are often part of the process.

Energy Sessions can energize you, yet you will feel totally relaxed. It’s a “hands on” healing modality which can help you balance your energies!

It is an energetic process, not a massage. It is a “hands on” (or close) healing method primarily perceived as an alternative supplementary health modality. It can be more, it works on many levels.

You are a multidimensional being. You have a mind body, an emotional body, and a spiritual body. Energy can be accepted into one or all of these bodies. The energy can be directed by the sub or super-conscious intent of the client to where it is desired. One who is attuned to the energy directs it into the client (provided they are willing to receive the energy) primarily through their hands. It can be perceived in different ways, most commonly as a tingling or heat. Or you could just fall asleep.
After a session, one may need a few minutes to “come back to earth” and centre.

What happens?

The client lies fully clothed in a relaxed atmosphere. The lights will typically be dimmed and there will be relaxing music played. There are a series traditional hand positions which are used as a base of the session, but intuition and client input guide the treatment also. The practitioner will place his hands on or above these positions, directing energy into the client’s energy centers. (There is no touching of any inappropriate areas)

Most of the time the client will experience some kind of sensation. These can range from heat to tingling to experiencing colours, emotions and possibly more. Each client will get an individual treatment experience. The energy works on your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and experiences can be felt on all levels.

Clients report feeling

  • More balanced
  • Less stressed
  • More relaxed
  • More vitality
  • More awareness
  • Less or no pain
  • More ability to fall asleep quickly
  • More ease of movement
  • Less emotional

Energy Awaken Pricing

  1 Session - $80.00
  3 Sessions - $175.00
  5 Sessions - $275.00

Andrew Bray

Andrew Bray is a Tibetan and Usui Reiki Master. He has also studied Spiritual Healing, Qigong and other energy healing modalities. He used this experience to give his treatments a client based perspective that brings their ideas into the session. Typically, one could fall asleep during Reiki, but Andrew would rather chat about what is energetically happening and make it an interactive experience.

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